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We are using Cast dry trimmer and lingual trimmer from Japan for ease fabrication of our Plaster model.
We are using Vacuum mixer From Japan for mixing our plaster and investment material to maximize the hardness of the plaster for best result of our product.
We are using SINGLEMAT porcelain furnace from Japan to Bake and Glaze our PFM.
We are using Ovaljet Sandblaster from Japan to sandblast our metal framework to provide better porcelain to metal bonding of our PFM.
We are using Steam cleaner from Japan to remove any impurities and debris to our models and frameworks so as to make more accurate production of our PFM.
We are using SINGLEMAT porcelain furnace from Japan to Bake and Glaze our PFM.
We are using Shofu ARGON CASTER in casting our metal framework. This provides best fitting of our framework.
We are using laser guided Dowell pin drill to drill hole for the dowell pins for our plaster model making.
We are using SOLIDILLITE light curing machine in the production or our ceramage to ensure proper curing of the material.
We are using MICROMOTOR HANDPIECE in the morphological corrections or caving of our product that is why the quality of our product is very good.
Equipments and Materials
Our laboratory is equipped with latest technology equipments in order for us to provide our client with the best result of our service. Through the incorporation of the skills of our trained ceramist and the high technology equipments we aim for the satisfaction of our customers.
1.   Vacuum Mixer
1. Porcelain Powder EX3 (Noritake)
2.   Trimmer
2. Ceramage (Shofu)
3.   Lingual Trimmer
3. Tillite Metal (Talladium)
4.   Dowell Pin Drill
5.   Steam Cleaner
6.   Casting Machines
      Shofu Argon Caster
      Centrifugal Casting Machine
7.   Sand Blaster
8.   Burnout Furnace
      Yoshida Lab Max 7R
      Yoshida Lab Max 5R
9.   Porcelain Furnace
      Single Mat
10. Micromotor NSK Vmax
11. Light Curing Machine